8th internal meeting

May 4 – 5, 2012 – Akademie-Mont-Cenis, Herne

On May 4 and 5, 2012, scientists of the Stem Cell Network met for an internal conference at the Akademie Mont Cenis in Herne. At the 10th anniversary year of the Stem Cell Network, there was an enormous interest in the meeting by the groups of the network. 

In 33 lectures, scientists from 26 different institutes and clinics presented usually unpublished data on the topics of Cancer Stem Cells, Tissue Specific Stem Cells, Tools and Biomaterials, Reprogramming, Regenerative Medicine and Disease Modeling. The subsequent discussions as well as the extensive breaks were lively, offering great opportunities for scientific exchange and getting to know each other. 

The Bowling-Cup was also held in 2012: Although the trophy did not go to the multiple winners of the previous years (the Schorle group), it remained in Bonn after an exciting competition. The winners were a team dominated by female scientists from the Institute of Reconstructive Neurobiology.