Offers for Stem Cell Researchers

The Stem Cell Network NRW organizes various seminars and other measures that primarily address qualification areas that are not sufficiently or not at all offered at the universities. Targeted support for young scientists is intended to prepare them extensively for the next steps in their careers.

Particularly for our young scientists we want to offer a stimulating environment for translational-oriented research projects and provide the knowledge essential for a successful translation process. The aim is also to prepare scientists for leadership positions.


Current offers:

  • Infoveranstaltung ZukunftBIO.NRW
    27.02.2023, virtual


Offers in 2022: 


Offers in 2021


Offers in 2020

Offers in 2019 (see also the follow-up report on the offers in 2019):

  • The GMP-Quality Standard and Its Benefits for Research and Development
    Oct 08, 2019, Essen
  • The Two Faces of Processing ATMPs
    Nov 11, 2019, Düsseldorf
  • Introduction into IP for Stem Cell Researchers
    Nov 23, 2019, Bonn
  • Science Communication
    Nov 28/29, 2019, Düsseldorf
  • Excursion to Miltenyi
    Dec 2, 2019, Bergisch Gladbach

If you have not received the information about the offers via our e-mail distribution list or if your institution is not yet a member of the Stem Cell Network NRW, please contact info[at]

Further information about the general terms of business for the participation in the seminars, conferences and workshops offered by the Stem Cell Network North-Rhine Westphalia can be found here.