Science Outreach

Public dialogue on the benefits and risks of stem cell research has always been an important part of the Stem Cell Network NRW's mission. From the outset, the network has not only bundled and strengthened existing competencies in biomedical stem cell research, but also addressed the ethical, legal and social aspects associated with it. In order to facilitate the utilization of the results of stem cell research for the benefit of society as a whole and patients in particular, researchers will participate in public debate even more actively in the future.

In order to anchor the topic of stem cell research in public debate in North Rhine-Westphalia and beyond, a series of events entitled "Dialogue with Society" is being organized. Events will take place at least once a year at changing locations in North Rhine-Westphalia. Scientists from the Stem Cell Network NRW will give brief talks on selected topics in a relaxed atmosphere, followed by ample time for questions and a moderated discussion.

Past events:

31.03.2022 - Stem Cell Technology at the Translational Threshold. Dialog Event Between Politics, Medicine, Law and Ethics

17.10.2019 - Scandalous or visionary? Replacement organs from chimeras and Petri dishes