Experimental Pulmonology

Jun. Prof. Dr. Dr. Miguel A. Alejandre Alcazar

Department of Pediatrics

University Hospital Cologne

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Our research group Experimental Pulmonology investigates the endogenous regenerative alveolar resources to define new strategies for chronic lung diseases.  Specifically, we are focusing on the functional role of the alveolar epithelial cell type II (ATII), the alveolar progenitor cell that is central in regeneration after lung injury. Lung development is not completed at birth, but extends into young adulthood. Therefore, the perinatal period is critical and highly susceptible for lung injury. While oxygen supply and mechanical ventilation offer life-saving treatments to premature infants, they also induce Bronchopulmonary Dysplasia (BPD), a neonatal chronic lung disease. BPD can affect up to 40% of preterm infants and is characterized by defective formation of alveoli and microvessels. The overall objective of our group is to investigate the molecular mechanisms that direct normal lung development and to elucidate novel signal mediators regulating lung growth and regenerative capacity.

Tags:  Lung  Kidney  Reprogramming  Developmental Biology  Stem Cell Niche  Exosomes  Aging