Offers for scientists find broad interest

In recent months, the Stem Cell Network NRW offered various trainings and workshops for scientists. The focus was on translation topics, and a total of almost 80 scientists took part in the various activities.

In the advanced training "The GMP Quality Standard and Its Benefits for Research and Development" on 8 October 2019 in Essen, the participants got to know the GMP standard in detail and dealt with the requirements of good documentation practice, the optimization of critical workflows and the reproducibility of analytical tests. The speaker vividly illustrated that GMP standards are not only relevant in industrial research, but that they can also strongly impact the results of a typical university laboratory.

The workshop "The Two Faces of Processing ATMPs" on 11.11.2019 in Düsseldorf gave an overview of the classification of drugs for novel therapeutic procedures, the responsible authorities, as well as the requirements e.g. for premises, equipment and personnel in the different phases of development.

The "Introduction into IP for Stem Cell Researchers" on 23.11.2019, following the Internal Meeting of the Stammzellnetzwerk.NRW in Bonn, presented various options of patenting research results and their respective prerequisites. The great interest of the participants was reflected in numerous specific questions, which could be asked at any time. 

Another important aspect of scientific work, namely successful exchange with society about one's own projects and results, was addressed in the course "Communicating Science", which took place in Düsseldorf on November 28 and 29.

An excursion to Miltenyi Biotec in Bergisch Gladbach on 2 December 2019 provided exciting insights into the work of a globally active biotechnology company. Most of the participants were particularly impressed by the "ballroom concept", in which the automated production of a large number of cells for clinical studies takes place. Thanks to the presence of many Miltenyi scientists, there was also ample opportunity to discuss individual questions about research collaborations or career options.

Next year, the Stem Cell Network NRW will continue to organize various events for researchers. On the one hand, these will be seminars addressing the specific needs of young stem cells scientists. On the other hand, there will also be offers addressing overarching challenges of translational research.