Leadership Training Program for Postdocs and Group Leaders

To make young scientists ready for the next steps in their career and upcoming management tasks, the Stem Cell Network NRW has set up a leadership training for Postdocs and Group Leaders in 2020. Because of the positive feedback and high interest, the three-part workshop series will be resumed this year.

The program is specifically aimed at postdocs, group leaders and junior professors (or similar positions) who are working on a stem cell related topic in NRW. Researchers concerned with ethical, legal or social aspects of stem cell research are also invited to participate. The Leadership Training aims to prepare young scientists for the next steps in their career and to provide them with adequate tools for dealing with challenges like leading people, starting an independent research group or building up a reputation.

The workshop series will be led by a professional coach with a long-lasting track record in leadership training and cover amongst others the following aspects:

  • Leadership styles and leadership attitudes in the scientific community (goal: development of a personal, coherent leadership attitude)
  • Toolbox for leading scientific staff
  • Agile leadership in the scientific sector and project management
  • Team dynamics, conflict management and dealing with mistakes
  • Career planning, networking and strategic decision making in the scientific sector

A noteworthy aspect is that the workshops will help the participants to get in touch with other stem cell scientists in NRW who are dealing with similar situations. 

The leadership training series consitsts of a two-day workshop on October 6/7 and two follow-up workshops (one day each) on November 9 and December 7.
The workshops will take place in Cologne or Düsseldorf (tbd) and are planned as personal meetings with a small group size. However, if the pandemic situation changes, they might be postponed or held as online meetings.
The participation fee for the complete workshop series is 100 Euros.

Registration is closed, but there is still room for a few more participants. In case you are interested please contact us: info@stammzellen.nrw.de