Ask the Stem Cell Expert

The rapid spread of the novel coronavirus and the measures to contain the pandemic have a strong influence not only on everyday life but also on professional life. Researchers must cope with severe limitations on their studies, conferences like the 10th International Meeting of the Stem Cell Network NRW were postponed or even completely cancelled and universities are temporarily closed.

In view of such circumstances, a lively scientific exchange is currently only possible to a limited extent. In order to promote junior scientists and to enable them to share and discuss their specific needs and interests with renowned experts, the Stem Cell Network NRW has set up a virtual exchange format entitled “Ask the Stem Cell Expert”. 

The following sessions took place in June 2020:

  • 09.06.2020: Ivan Martin (University of Basel; Chair: Wofgang Wagner)
    "Re-engineering developmental processes for bone and cartilage regeneration"
  • 16.06.2020: Christine Mummery (Leiden University; Chair Tomo Saric)
     “Advancing human stem cell-derived cardiovascular disease models
  • 18.06.2020: Roger Barker (University of Cambridge; Chair: Oliver Brüstle)
     “Taking a dopamine stem cell therapy to patients with Parkinson’s disease – lessons learnt
  • 19.06.2020: Nicolas Rivron (IMBA Wien; Chair: Hubert Schorle)
     “Synthetic development: from stem cells to embryos”

Each of the four one-hour sessions consisted of a short wrap-up by a stem cell expert on his/her research area, followed by an open discussion about the presented research area or related topics as well as about career recommendations (whatever are the burning questions of the junior researchers).

With almost 100 young scientists taking part, the format met with a great response.