Translational Gynecooncology

Prof. Dr. Tanja Fehm

Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics

University Hospital Düsseldorf

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Dissemination of tumor cells in breast and ovarian cancer constitutes an essential step of metastatic progression and recurrence. Disseminated tumor cells detected in the peripheral blood are referred to as circulating tumor cells (CTCs), whereas disseminated tumor cells detected in the bone marrow are referred to as disseminated tumor cells (DTCs). Despite their prognostic relevance which has been shown in multiple clinical trials the analysis of their potential predictive relevance is of utmost importance and hence subject of research projects. One focus of the Research Group for Translational Gynecooncology under direction of Prof. Fehm lays on detection and characterization of CTCs and DTCs. One aspect of peculiar interest is the expression analysis of stem cell related markers like CD24, CD44 and ALDH1A1 during epithelial mesenchymal transition of CTCs. Aim of research is to answer if therapeutic decisions can be based on the phenotype of CTCs or DTCs.

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