Neural Stem Cell Lab

Prof. Dr. Dr. Maria Adele Rüger

Department of Neurology

University Hospital Cologne

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Our group’s scientific focus lies on the modulation of endogenous neural stem cells‘ (eNSC) regenerative capacities in vitro and in vivo: Both mobilization and activation of eNSC are directed by a complex cross-talk with local immune cells – microglia – whose activating and functional state depend on the onset and type of neural damage. Elucidating the multi-facetted cell-to-cell communication between the neighbouring cerebral cell entities, we aim at establishing potential therapeutic interventions directly on eNSC and, moreover, at developing pro-regenerative pharmacological procedures to interfere with microglial cell modulation. In this context, we consolidate our expertise in transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) for a better understanding of its neurobiological impacts on central nervous cell types and their immunomodulatory interactions.

Tags:  Neural Stem Cells  Nervous System  Tissue Engineering  Stem Cell Niche  Biomaterials  Disease Modelling  Preclinical Trials  High Resolution Imaging