Laboratory for Centrosome and Cytoskeleton Biology

Prof. Dr. Jay Gopalakrishnan

Institute of Human Genetics

Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf

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Our research focuses on dissecting how centrosomes and cilia function as a molecular switch in determining homeostatic control of neural stem cells. During the last decade, applying Drosophila genetics and biochemistry, we have identified the principles of centrosomes and cilia biogenesis. We now wish to understand how are these structures critically regulating neural stem cells’ functions in human brain development and glioma. To this end, we are pioneered to generate self-assembling 3D human brain organoids. Using these systems, our laboratory is now determined to decipher the general rules of cilia as a molecular switch in brain development, cell physiology and tumorigenesis with a special emphasize in translating basic research into identification of molecular targets of human diseases. In addition, our lab is determined to advance organoid culturing technologies amenable to adapt them for deriving value based human cell types and for high throughput drug screening.

Tags:  Neural Stem Cells  Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells  Cancer Stem Cells  Eye  Reprogramming  Developmental Biology  Tissue Engineering  Organoids  High Resolution Imaging  Drug Screening/Discovery  Translational Research