Cellular Electrophysiology and Molecular Biology

Prof. Dr. Guiscard Seebohm

Institut für Genetik von Herzerkrankungen

University of Münster

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The Cellular Electrophysiology and Molecular Biology studies inherited mutations, drug-induced and pathogen-caused cellular and molecular alterations in iPSC-derived cells. In order to have suitable cell models we develop differentiation protocols for specialized cardiac, pancreatic and neuronal cell subtypes. 

Tags:  Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells  Embryonal Stem Cells  Pancreas  Nervous System  Heart  Reproductive Organs  Reprogramming  Developmental Biology  Tissue Engineering  Bioinformatics  Organoids  Biomaterials  Disease Modelling  Drug Screening/Discovery  Genome Editing  Translational Research  Biomarker