Cell Biology

Prof. Dr. Christian Kaltschmidt

Department of Cell Biology

University of Bielefeld

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Our research focuses on the biology and signaling of the transcription factor NF-kB, a key player in neuroprotection, (neuro-) inflammation, stem cell proliferation and cancer formation. We are interested in understanding the role of NF-kB in the proliferation and differentiation of human adult stem cells in the context of clinical applications. We are currently investigating these research topics using adult human neural crest-derived stem cells and with a particular focus on their neuronal and osteogenic differentiation. We are also interested in the role of NF-κB in cancer stem cells from various human cancers. Our research on cancer stem cells also aims to develop new strategies against cancer using immunotherapy.

Tags:  Mesenchymal Stem Cells  Neural Stem Cells  Other Somatic Stem Cells  Nervous System  Bone & Cartilage  Liver  Lung  Intestine  Developmental Biology  Tissue Engineering  Stem Cell Niche  Organoids  Biomaterials  Disease Modelling  Aging  Drug Screening/Discovery  Translational Research  Biomarker  Cancer Stem Cells