Research Group PD Dr. Carsten Berndt

Department of Neurology

Heinrich-Heine-University Duesseldorf

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Our research is based on the investigation of redox-regulated cellular processes. We investigate the function of oxidoreductases of the Thioredoxin family and the impact of oxidative posttranslational modifications on the activity of enzymes. We were able to show that development of nervous and cardiovascular systems depend on the specific redox state of single cysteines. Elucidation of new signaling pathways during development we would like to connect to identification of new regenerative processes after inflammation for example.  Redox regulated processes such as differentiation and migration are not only controlled by intracellular, but also by extracellular signaling pathways. Therefore, we want to understand secretion of oxidoreductases itself and redox-dependent secretion of other proteins. We are confident, that this will lead to the identification of new biomarkers for pathological conditions linked to oxidative damage (almost all).

Tags:  Neural Stem Cells  Cancer Stem Cells  Nervous System  Skin  Developmental Biology  Exosomes  Preclinical Trials  Epigenetics  Biomarker