Workshop on unconscious discrimination and what to do about it - registration is open

09/25/2020   Newsroom News

To create awareness of situations in which we unintentionally discriminate or exclude others and to familiarize with the topic of diversity management, the Stem Cell Network NRW has set up a workshop on unconscious discrimination that will have a specific focus on the STEM area (e.g. medicine and biology).

Diversity Schriftzug und Silhouetten

Even though we do not necessarily notice it, each of us is constantly faced with stereotypes and prejudices. They affect our judgments, our decision-making and ultimately our actions. Studies show that unconscious discrimination also occurs in the scientific environment. Stereotypes or prejudices may have an effect in the context of personnel selection or performance evaluations and can lead to us unintentionally assessing people unfairly, even if we think we are acting in the sense of equal opportunities. The Stem Cell Network NRW is committed to diversity and wants to increase consciousness of this topic field and raise awareness. Hence together with a professional trainer a workshop entitled “How equal is science? Unconscious discrimination and what to do about it" was drafted. The workshop will take place in late 2020 and aims to give an overview of the current state of research on stereotypes, gender bias and unconscious bias in the context of science. The participants shall become aware of the impact and spillover effects unconscious bias has on their professional and/or personal life, but also be enabled to reflect their own stereotypical thinking and prevent distorted judgements. The workshop will consist of a lecture with moderated discussion followed by an interactive part with group work.

Interested researchers currently working on a stem cell-related topic in North Rhine-Westphalia can register here for the workshop.