Solidarity with Ukraine

04/27/2022   News

Search for offers for Ukrainian scientists in NRW

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Russia's actions against the Ukraine shake us all and our solidarity is with them. The Stem Cell Network NRW, therefore, calls upon the stem cell scientists of North Rhine-Westphalia to support Ukrainian scientists here in NRW. Several online platforms where scientific offers can be entered already exist. Such help offers do not have to be full-time positions but can consist of lab or office space and access to the scientific community.

Thus the Stem Cell Network NRW would like to highly encourage all scientists to list any offers in one (or several) of the below listed platforms.
EMBO launched a list of scientists across Europe and beyond who can offer assistance to scientists forced to leave the Ukraine. Everybody can add offers directly on the website!
#ScienceForUkraine is a community group of volunteer students and research scientists from academic institutions in Europe and around the world. Offers will be listed in the map. Link to submit an offer. 
DAAD overview of existing support offers, mainly offered by institutions like universities and not by individual labs. To add an offer, please send an email to redaktion[at]
Job offers in ERC-funded research teams.
Opportunities in Horizon-funded research & innovation projects.

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