Leadership Training for Postdocs and Group Leaders

08/11/2020   Newsroom News

Targeted support shall extensively prepare young scientists for the next steps in their career.

Leading people, starting an independent research group, building up a reputation – these are all very challenging tasks, probably causing a lot of pressure and demanding new skills from young scientists. Very often they are not adequately prepared for this career stage and tend to be overloaded and exhausted. Therefore, the Stem Cell Network NRW has set up a Leadership Training for Postdocs and Group Leaders to provide them with adequate tools for dealing with these different challenges. The workshops will also help to get in touch with other stem cell scientists in NRW who are dealing with similar situations.

The sessions will be led by a professional coach with a long-lasting track record in leadership training.

All postdocs, group leaders and junior professors (or similar positions) who are working on a stem cell related topic in NRW – this includes ethical, legal or social aspects of stem cell science – are invited to join. If interested, please send an email by August 17 to info[at]stammzellen.nrw.de.

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