Information event on funding opportunities for technology transfer

09/27/2021   News

On August 30, a joint information event was held by the networks Medizin.NRW and Stem Cell Network NRW to provide information on funding opportunities for transferring research and development results into new products, processes, and services.

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An ongoing challenge for scientific research is the transfer of basic research results into clinical and commercial applications, although this transfer is often explicitly desired. In most cases, several structural challenges must be overcome, be it the launch of start-ups from the context of university research or the question of ownership and security with regard to intellectual property.

Together with the Medizin.NRW network, the Stem Cell Network NRW offered a well-attended virtual event on this theme complex on August 30, which was intended to provide information on funding opportunities and focused on three main areas.

Firstly, the event addressed the question of how the innovation potential of technological and societal developments can be validated for transfer into applications. To this end, the "VIP+" funding program initiated by the BMBF was presented. A second presentation dealt with the foundation of start-ups and the funding of pre-competitive research and included the funding program "START-interaktiv" initiated by the BMBF. The third lecture was dedicated to the problem area of securing and using intellectual property and presented the WIPANO program of the BMWi.

In a concluding discussion, the participants discussed concrete questions and examples of successful uses of the programs presented.

The office of the Stem Cell Network NRW will provide comprehensive information on future events of a similar nature.